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  • Lingan Dechang Hangzhou electrostatic science and Technology Co., Ltd.




    About Us



    Hangzhou Ling'an Dechang  Electrostatic Technology Co., Ltd. formerly known as Sino foreign joint venture in Dechang Hangzhou chemical products Co., Ltd., founded in 1993. Companies to introduce advanced technology and technology, and higher institutions and research institutes to establish a close technical cooperation, committed to the development and production of high-tech surfactant, tireless, and strive to professional.

    In 2000, the company successfully developed and produced HDC series antistatic agent. HDC series of antistatic agent is non-ionic antistatic agent in the most representative varieties, has good thermal stability, is not easy to cause the ageing of plastics, etc.; in the non ion type based on the successful application of, but also the development of ionic and nonionic surface active agent combined with antistatic agent and ionic coated with antistatic agent. Products have been widely used in BOPP, PP, PE, PVC, PA, ABS, PS, PU, Ding Qing rubber and other materials and products. HDC series products can significantly reduce surface resistance of plastic products, so as to enable them to meet with 108-9, antistatic performance, and lasting, and resin compatible suitability, anti electrostatic molecular migration speed appropriate, does not affect the processing of the products and the use of performance. Products have passed PFOS, ROSH and other testing, and carried out the REACH registration. At present, the company has annual production capacity of 2000 tons, has become the domestic influential plastic antistatic agent specializing in the production of enterprises, and established a cooperative relationship with the National more than 400 plastic research institutions, processing enterprises, some products have been exported to Europe and the United States. Good and stable quality of products and high quality service quality in the industry reputation.

    "Tireless pursuit of a better, sincere customer service" is the tenet of the Hangzhou Dechang, general manager of the company Liu Guanbo carrying all the staff warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our guide.






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